Long-lasting effective odor control for restrooms, hospitals, nursing homes and commercial buildings. Dispenses fragrance for 24-hour odor control.  Each unit holds a battery-operated fragrance cassette (sold separately) for consistent fragrance release over a 30-day period.  Fragrance cassette with odor-absorbing gel. For portable fan dispenser RCP 9C90 (sold separately). Gels absorb odors in the air and transforms them into nontoxic, odorless compounds.  Contains battery for easy, one-step replacement.  30-day cassette.  6 cassettes per case.
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Item No. Description Price Qty
RCP 9C86-01 Air Fresh Sebreeze - Bing Cherry $58.99
RCP 9C96-01 Air Fresh Sebreeze - Cedar Forest $35.99
RCP 9C97-01 Air Fresh Sebreeze - Cinnamon Spice $35.99
RCP 9C84-01 Air Fresh Sebreeze - Citrus Breeze $59.99
RCP 9C83-01 Air Fresh Sebreeze - Fresh Apple $58.99
RCP 9C87-01 Air Fresh Sebreeze - Lavender $56.99
RCP 9C94-01 Air Fresh Sebreeze - Lemon Lime $38.99
RCP 9C85-01 Air Fresh Sebreeze - Ocean $56.99
RCP 9C95-01 Air Fresh Sebreeze - Wintermint $35.99

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